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Homegrown Ontario is an alliance of Ontario Pork, the Ontario Veal Association, the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency, Turkey Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Independent Meat Processors. Research from Canada’s leading survey-based marketing research firm, Ipsos Reid, clearly indicates that Ontario consumers are eager to support Ontario farmers and the local economy by choosing meat and poultry products produced in Ontario. With the Homegrown Ontario brand and logo, the five associations are making it easy for consumers to do just that. Be sure to look for the Homegrown Ontario logo on all of your meat and poultry purchases, from veal, beef and bacon to pork, lamb, turkey and more. The little red barn with the trillium in the centre is your guarantee that the meat you are purchasing comes from an Ontario farm and an Ontario processor. (
The Ontario Independent Meat Processors (OIMP) represents Ontario's meat and poultry processors, retailers and wholesalers, suppliers to the industry. Our goal is to support and foster a safe, wholesome and high quality meat and poultry industry through ongoing education, research and representation at all levels of government.( OIMP processors from across Ontario compete in the OIMP Ontario Finest Meat Competition. See who has won the recognition of Ontario’s finest in a wide assortment of products. (
Want the City's most distinctive shopping experience conceivable without the typical mall attitude? Well, click your heels over to Bloor West Village and get an urban shopping encounter within the warmth of a European village. Over 400 distinct shops and services to serve you, all located in a beautiful, European village setting, conveniently located within minutes of Toronto's downtown core. Kingsway Meat Products and Delicatessen has been a well-known fixture here for over 20 years. (

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Ontario Pork represents the 2800 producers who market hogs in the province of Ontario. The Ontario Pork Producers’ Marketing Board (OPPMB) was formed in 1946. A producer vote held in 1945 showed there was an overwhelming majority of hog producers in Ontario who favoured a producer-controlled organization. (
Bite for bite Canadian beef is a nutrient rich choice for you and your family. We all know it's what’s inside that counts - and with Canadian beef it couldn’t be more true! What’s inside? Go to the Beef Information Centre website and learn more about the nutrients found in Canadian beef. (
Canadians love chicken and for good reason! They love its taste, its value, its variety and its convenience. They also want to know more about the chicken they are buying. What's so great about chicken? Find out! (
The Pick Ontario Freshness marketing strategy focuses on building awareness of and demand for the fresh, high-quality foods grown and produced in Ontario. (