Deli / Processed Meat Products

Our specialty is satisfying Sausage Lovers with our own line of fresh sausages. We prepare daily, a vast variety - from Polish to Italian sausages, using only the best ingredients and our traditional family recipes.

Our selection of Deli meats includes, but is not limited to: Black Forest Ham and other varieties, Bologna, Cooked Cottage Roll Ham, Deli Loaves, Fresh Sausages, Kielbasa, Liverwurst, Mortadella, Smoked Bone-in Ham, Smoked Bacon, Smoked Sausages and Wieners/Hotdogs.
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Fresh Meats / Butcher Shop

We take pride in our expertise when it comes to meat. Custom cutting is always provided and every customer is given our undivided attention. Don't feel like a number in a large chain store, our staff will give you the best advice for selecting your cut of meat.

Our selection of Fresh Meats includes, but is not limited to: Beef, Pork, Ontario Lamb, Whole Chickens and Chicken parts, Ground Beef, Pork and Chicken, Liver

Other Products

Your time is valuable, so we want you to have a single-stop shopping experience. More than just meat, we also stock many other fine food products to complete your shopping basket. We offer products including cheeses, pasteries, breads, bakery goods, specialty foods, juices / beverages and countless other items.